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Since the inception, we realize that every legal act occurred daily needs are behaving within the law …, each acting within the law will bring practical benefits for personal.


Formerly the ABC Law Firm MA. Pham Ngoc Minh Hung Lawyers founder month 09.2009.

May 09.2010, ABC Law Firm admitting new members and renamed BACD Law Firm.

Our objective is to provide customers with in-depth advice on legal issues, help Customers with useful reference information, from which to select the best plan, effective the fastest job.


With the vision of becoming a reputable lawyer Tigers officials in Vietnam and the region, toward a carrier-class international law, the motto is always effort, constantly upgrading the services and commitments providing services with the highest quality and the most professional customer.


Providing high quality services and professionalism to our customers, we always strive and constantly upgrade the services and commitment to provide high quality services, especially for transactions international.

Where the convergence of many lawyers and professionals with expertise in the field of criminal, civil, contract, marriage and family, business, labor, construction and real estate...


ABCD is a company that has extensive experience in advising and providing legal services to individuals and organizations at home and abroad. Currently, the Law Firm provides legal services typically follows:

  - Consulting services law: civil, marriage and family, inheritance, land, labor and business - commercial and accounting - tax, finance - banking, criminal, administrative, criminal.
 - Consulting services and preparation of contracts, wills, documents.
 - Legal services in the field of management and debt collection.

With a team of skilled lawyers, experienced, enthusiastic and always uphold professional ethics, along with academic Professor, PhD, MSc specializations in law, economics, sociology, … are training at home and abroad, the foreign experts.

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Family Law

Law on Marriage and Family is responsible for contributing to build, improve and protect the marital regime and family progress, building regulatory standards for the behavior of family members.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is one of the sharpest tools, to effectively prevent and fight against crime and contribute to the protection of the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the country.

Housing Law

Law Land is an important industry in Vietnam law system has a direct impact to the trading activities and land management, supplemented and amended annually.

Labour Law

Labor law provisions of labor standards; rights, obligations and responsibilities of workers, employers person, an organization representing the labor collective.

Enterprise Law

This law provides for the establishment, organization and management, reorganization, dissolution and related activities of the enterprise, including limited liability companies, joint stock companies.

Traffic laws

Traffic Law regulations on traffic rules, traffic infrastructure, vehicles and road users, transport and state management of traffic.





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Each lawyer in our law firm focusing on civil matters, we have chosen the lawyers have extensive experience and ability to handle all the legal cases.


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See what our customers say about us, we’ve been known to do what we say, to bring favorable results for our customers as soon as possible.

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Follow the latest news trustee and articles that focus only on civil matters, the general law for businesses and individuals, and is updated regularly.


Compensation for damage in traffic accident

Vietnam law no specific provisions to protect the victims of traffic accidents (traffic accidents) road. However, the provisions on compensation for damage caused by the source of extreme danger…

Evidence to determine criminal responsibility

In those days, the public concern finding the victim’s body was Le Thi Thanh Huyen Nguyen Manh Tuong thrown into the river determining non-evidence. Many readers ask questions: In case not…

28/11/2016 Law


Compensation for damage caused by wrong decisions

In recent days, public opinion on the case concerned Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan unfairly jailed for 10 years. Through this incident, many issues are in place, in which many readers ask questions about the…

28/11/2016 Law

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